Text Preview doesnt work

Every time I try to write some text to preview I get this error message: The value (whatever text I write" is invalid. Please provide a valid value.

what am I doing wrong here? :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 14.13.39

Is this the Text Preview window (WindowText Preview)? Make sure the text cursor is in the text area and not the font point size field.

Yes this is in Text Previe…

I see now, I was trying to write the text in that little wwindo on the top…

But when I write in the text area, I dont get the preview of the font I´m working on, only some standard fort, of maybe I have missunderstood what text preview is…

I was used from FL to have a vindow where I caould write different words, to see how the font looked…

Is this correct, should it be this font to be displayed? :slight_smile: Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 17.51.43

The font in the text are should update as soon as you start working on paths in a Glyphs file.

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In Glyphs, you would typically do this in Edit View, so write some words directly in the editing interface, like so:

The Text Preview window is useful if you have a lot of text to preview. If it’s just a few words, I would recommend typing them in Edit View directly. Click the eye-icon in the bottom left of Edit View to show a single-line preview of the text typed in Edit View (useful when zoomed in or for previewing the letters at a smaller size without zooming out).

See the Edit View tutorial for details:

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Geot it, thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

In your screenshot of the Text Preview window, you have nothing entered in the font size field. Add a number value (like 48).

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