Text tool and Select tool selection

With a glyph window open and the Text tool selected, if I close the window without first selecting the Select tool, when the glyph window closes all tools except the Text tool are grayed out, thus not selectable.

Is this the expected behavior? It forces a user to remember to change to the Select tool before closing the glyph window. If forgotten (which I frequently do), then another window must be opened to change tools – which is extra time.

Tools are deactivated in Font view. Why would you like to switch tools in font view?

I was expecting that when I closed a Glyph window the toolbar would revert back to the Select tool. Now that you have said they are deactivated, I did a test and find that Glyphs always highlights the last-used tool in font view. That explains the behavior I was seeing.

I also now understand why it is done that way; it is an either-or situation with no practical solution except perhaps a Prefs checkbox.