Textpreview app

I’m trying TextPreview and find it lovely.
However I’ve spotted some possible issues:

  1. Can’t disable swashes feature
  2. in general, I have no cue which OT feature si on or off.

I have one question and one problem.

  1. Are the sizes shown point sizes or pixel sizes? If they are point sizes they would be better if they conformed to historical norms.
  2. When I select Alternate 1 for /A and /O, I get ordinals as Alternates. In the strictest meaning of Alternates in the world of type design, Ordinals should not be used.

The point size is as CoreText renders it. Should be same as in TextEdit or pages.

I don’t understand what you mean about ordinals and alternates.

The list of features and the substitutions are all done by CoreText.

couldn’t you find a “disable all features” command?

Thank you Georg; that’s the answer I sought.

This is very important !


  1. Is there a kerning toggle preview ?
  2. Does auto leading adhere to Metrics and other parameters in the font?

1+2: it is CoreText rendering, the way it would appear in any mac app using it.

The OpenType support was added last week when I stumbled upon the solution how to implement it. It will be improved.

My Requests:
-Align Right
-Vertical layout
-Zooming (I don’t want to enlarge font size to see it big)
-The feature menu names are confusing. I think outdenting group names is not enough, they also need to be unselectable.


Suspected cash problem with TextPreview !
Fonts were updated and tested via Adobe/Fonts folder; though changes did not show after export.

Right Click with mouse and scroll the menu down to Writing direction.

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Some of the stuff I encountered so far:

— the fonts I put in the watched folder are not updated in the app until I restarted it
— for some of the activated features I can’t find a way to deactivate them again
— changing the text layout orientation to vertical and than back to horizontal gives me an unusuable white space inside of the app window —> white space stays the same while resizing the app window —> white space is gone after changing the layout direction back to vertical resize the app window and back to horizontal again
— it gives me small caps and .calt alternates after selecting alternates (Alternate 1 to Alternate 8 the same)

Is there any chance of adding a reverse “colours” button?

— selected features that I’m not able to deactivate stay activated after closing and reopening the app.

Adding my vote to please add the ability to turn off all opentype features.

With only one font in my watched folder there seemed no way I could turn off ss01 for example. I had to put another font file in the watched folder so I could switch back and forth to reset the opentype features.

That said, TextPreview is a great tool Thanks!

HI, is this app still available? Can’t seem to download it on the page above.

I just clicked the download link on TextPreview | Glyphs, and it downloaded the app just fine. If you have problems downloading from glyphsapp.com, consider the steps shown in this tutorial: Cannot download or update Glyphs? | Glyphs

I can’t seem to download Text Preview — is it no longer available?

Works for me. Have you tried the suggestions in my previous answer?

Yes, i’ve tried all options. No file is downloaded. When I press the button, it tries for half a second and then nothing happens…

Can confirm. This is some mysterious problem in Chrome (and maybe some other browsers). Try opening the downoad link in, for example, Safari. There it works for me.