The “copyrights” string is empty

I’m trying to understand why I get this error and how to remedy the problem. I’m generating a font with various character taken and modified from other fonts. Am I breaking some ethic?

Check the Font Info > Font. There is a “Copyright” setting that has no value.

I did that. Filled it in an yet I’m still getting the error.


You have two empty copyright strings, as well as three empty trademark strings. Why? Remove those.

Well . . . duh - I’m an idiot. Thanks for helping the ‘challenged.’ So I did as told and then gave it another shot.

It’s so embarrassing! What’s a suitable string to include in the trademark

If you hold Option, the + sign for adding another trademark field turns into a −. Not very intuitive, I know.

You can safely remove the trademark field if you have nothing you want to put there.

Thank you!