The document "FILENAME" could not be opened

I’ve been using Glyphs v3.0.1 since it came out and it’s been working flawlessly.
But today while working I couldn’t open my latest version of a recent font.
It just says - The document “FILENAME” could not be opened -

So I opened an earlier version and worked some from that. Saved and went for dinner. When reopening that file, the same message appeared. I’ve checked for updates but I have the latest version.

What might be wrong? I’ve done nothing different, haven’t changed any settings or anything.

Not super excited about this since I have work to do.

In Preferences > Updates, check the box for “Show cutting edge versions,” currently 3.0.2 [3051].

It says I’m up to date

After you check the checkbox for cutting edge versions, then under the Glyphs name on the menu bar do a “Check for Updates”, or simply restart Glyphs.

Done both. This is after restart:

Then you either have 3.0.2 or something else is going on that either Rainer or Georg will have to help with.

It says I have 3.0.1, but also that it’s the latest version

Could finally update to 3.0.2 but makes no difference. Same ‘could not open’ message.

Probably a good idea to send the file to Georg and ask him to look at it. You can send it to support at this domain.

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Apparently had to do with bad names that somehow didn’t convert or warn. (ÅÄÖ and not aring etc)

I fixed it that those names would be properly converted. You can disable the “Use custom naming” in Font Info > Other and then run “Glyph > Update Glyph Info” for those glyphs.

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