The font contains glyphs with the same unicode

Hi! I just started using Glyphs and I want to export a font that I made. However the font will not export from Glyphs and gives me the message “The font contains glyphs with the same unicode”. What should I do?

You can select al glyphs and update font info from menu bar.
Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 16.33.11

I don’t have such option :confused:

That option is not available in Glyphs Mini. What version of Glyphs Mini do you have?

I am not sure how to check it, but maybe 2.1.4 (113) ?

Can you try the latest cutting edge version? You can activate it in Preferences > Updates.

It says it is the newest update, but the export problem persists :sweat_smile:

Did you check the box at “Show cutting edge versions”?

No, I didn’t. But I updated it now, and the problems still persists.

Try this: Create a new file, then copy your lowercase glyphs to a new file, then copy the uppercase glyphs to the new file, then copy the rest of the glyphs. Then redo the font info (Cmd-I).

That worked! Thank you so much!