The German Eszett

Hello Glyphs,
I have a question about the Eszett. In lowercase typing the Eszett it’s no problem: Option-s.
But with the caps it does not work. Shift-Option-s does nothing, it remains empty. What to do?

Where are you typing? If in the Edit View of Glyphs, then ensure that your font contains the glyph for ẞ, typically named Germandbls.

Otherwise, it depends on your keyboard layout. You should be able to insert ẞ by typing and holding Shift-S on your keyboard and then selecting it from the menu (or typing the number under the character):

If you mean in an edit tab of Glyphs, you can also Cmd-F to invoke a glyph finding dialog and start typing the glyph name you want inserted.

I am typing – after a test instal – in InDesign or Publisher.
And I made the Kap or small kap versions for the roman and italic.

Are you looking for design input? The above shape is not legible as a ẞ.

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First of all I like to type it, just like the lowercase ß.

I like typing it, too.

Personally, as a German, I use a German keyboard on my laptop/desktop computer, so at least typing ß is not a problem. Typing ẞ by direct keyboard input is not possible, I rely on software solutions for this (I just use the TypeFacts Alfred plugin).

In InDesign, you can use the glyph pallette, in addition to the more global solution proposed by Florian.

Depends on the keyboard layouts you use. The new German layout by Apple has it on Opt-G. Not sure why, and not sure how many people are using it though.

All right. If typing is not possible, so be it. I want to make sure I didn’t something wrong in Glyphs.

Of course it is possible. You can use a keyboard layout that supports it or make/adapt your own with

Oké, I’ll try out.