The Gylphs Arabic thread

I can’t be the only person using Glyphs for Arabic, so here is a thread for the Arabic issues. I’ll start:

Does it make sense for noon-ar.fina to use noonghunna-ar.fina as a base glyph? noonghunna comes from Urdu and may not even appear in many Arabic fonts. noon-ar is more likely to appear in fonts and includes the dot, so it seems more appropriate.

I did the composition rules purely visually locking at fonts. I did not know about the different languages, then.

So you suggest to use the isolated form as a component in the final glyph and you only add the instroke?



Glyphs has definitely lots of nice features for working on Arabic fonts :slight_smile:
One problem though, the preview and main window shows medi/init forms of Arabic letters before punctuation (instead of fina/isol).

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Same problems happens with diacritics. It surely would be great if the mark positioning could work directly in the preview window, but if not, it shouldn’t disturb the base letters connection.

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I will fix the punctuation problem.
But will not add direct mark positioning as it would disturb the editing process. Just delete them from the text. I have a script that puts the marks at the en if the string.

Great, thanks!