The location of the document cannot be determined


I got an another respond when I wanted to save my files.
screenshot attached below.

(neither with new files, nor with old files)

The location of the document ‘’… . untitled. glyphs’’ cannot be determined

Do you have any idea how possible to fix it?

Appreciate for any help.

The saving is done by the system. What happens if you choose Save as?


It is very interesting to me because just for sure now I updated El Capitan (to 10.11.6), and at this moment I can not able to open all my files which I wanted to save before when this problem appeared.

(‘’save, save as, save all’’ are in the same condition)

here is the screenshots about them

Thank you for your quick answer,


Try repairing permissions and restarting your Mac.

Excellent! It works very well again.
Many thanks mekkablue.

P.S. : May I ask you about what happened?

You did not have write permissions for the location you were trying to save the file in. Happens sometimes.

Thank you mekkablue.