These two errors, how should be resolved?

Appear in:Font Information :arrow_right: properties

I think your image upload didn’t complete. Can you upload them again?

Look again at, upload.

First error: There is no language code “CHN”.

Have a look at this list of available language tags:

For example, ZHS for Simplified Chinese.

But, in most cases you can let glyphs generate the Languagesystems automatically. Do do that, click the 自动生成特性 checkbox.

Second error: There is a backslash between the @ and BASE on line 78. It should read @BASE = …

But, do you need to manually define a GDEF table in feature code?

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Choose to automatically generate, Chinese is gone.

Manual modifications still report an error:

As long as there is no feature code regarding Chinese characters, that is fine. Glyphs will update the Langugesystems automatically to reflect the glyphs that are used in OpenType features.