Thicken and round corners of existing font

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I’m trying to take an existing font (with many many glyphs) and make some slight alterations to all of them. I’d like to add the equivalent of a stroke’s worth of thickness uniformly around each glyph and then round the corners. Then, I’d like to modify the metrics of each glyph to account for the width I’ll be adding. I know this is an operation I can perform in another vector editing software (like Illustrator), but copying and pasting all 2500+ glyphs back into glyphs would take a really long time. And for some reason, the offset curve and round corners filters in glyphs have been giving some weird results (like weird uneven shapes). Is there a way I can automate this process with a script? And does anyone have an idea why the offset curve filter isn’t working well here?

Here’s what a sample glyph looks like before I try to transform it with filters:

There are filters in Glyphs that can do both operations: “Offset Curve” and “Round Corners” (or “Round Font” depending what you need). But both filters work better with Cubic curves. You have Quadratic or TrueType Curves. So select all glyphs in Font View and run “Paths > Other > Convert to Cubic.”

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Thank you so much! I converted the paths and it worked perfectly.

One more question: is there an easy way to add spacing to every glyphs in the font? I want to essentially add back the spacing I lost when the glyphs all expanded. Thanks again!

Try Glyph menu > Transform Metrics (or Filter > Transform > Metrics, if you are using Glyphs 2).

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