This is not a valid font file

I exported CID fonts using ROS KOREAN-1-2.
There was no warning from Glyphs program in this process.
There is no problem in MAC OS, installation is good.

However, the Windows font viewer warns that it is not a valid font file.
It is not a long name longer than 20 characters, and ‘name info’ does not seem to be a problem for Windows.
Unlike OTF, TTF testing did not have any problems.

While searching for various problems, I deleted the features “vrt2” (Vertical Alternates and Rotation) and the problem disappeared.
Checking “vrt2 class” does not reveal any mistakes.
Would you mind cheking the file?
I will send the OTF and Glyphs files send at right now.

What does the FontValidator say?

The font validator has the same contents as the above image.
I’ve looked at it, but I do not see any fatal errors.