Thoughts on Deleting Path Segments

I’m a new user and maybe still Illustrator-centric—but it seems like deleting path segments is complicated, considering how often I do it.

The two ways I know of:
• 1) Select pen tool 2) click on segment 3) option-delete 4) select desired tool (if not pen tool, often select tool)
• 1) Select eraser tool 2) option-click on segment 3) select desired tool (often not eraser)

I could imagine a few options for streamlining:
• 1) Option-click segment with select/pen/eraser/pencil tool 2) delete. (This is most non-invasive workflow).
• 1) Click segment with eraser tool (without needing to hold option key). (A simplified version of current workflow)
• 1) Segments being selectable with select tool 2) delete.

Maybe as I use the software more, I’ll see benefits of the current tool senario, of there are drawbacks I can’t see—but thought I’d share my thoughts, Cheers.

I do it by what I consider the easiest way – using selection tool, drag around the points I want to delete, then option-delete. That is, I think, your last bullet point above.

Me too—it’s similar to the last point. Can be a hassle of there’s points in the way…

Glyphs is more node-centered than Illustrator, certainly. What I usually ask at this point is what exactly you are trying to achieve with breaking the path. Are you aware of Open Corner and Reconnect Nodes? I ask because I suspect that, for some of the things you may want to achieve with breaking paths, these may be quicker and more reliable.

If you like, we can schedule a Skype screensharing session. Contact me via DM if you’re interested.

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