Three master setup for variable font

Is it possible to set up a three master variable font in Glyphs like Adam showed in his presentation at TypoLabs 2017?
I can’t make it work.


Are you trying to accomplish the same thing as Adam with your masters, as in have a weight and ascender/descender axis?

If you create an instance with the extrapolated values for the “missing master,” is nothing showing up or is it breaking?

I did a quick test using width and an ascender axis and it seems to be working. Although, I haven’t exported/actually tested it. I’m just previewing it using Mark’s Variable Font Preview which doesn’t support the custom axis at the moment (if I remember that correctly) so I named it as Width instead.


The font i’m exporting doesn’t work like this in illustrator – i have a italic axis that only works when weight axis is at 0.
I don’t think previewing in Glyphs using any plugin gives a full overview on what will happen in the final font.

This is possible. you need to make sure that the bottom left master is the default. Make it the first master or use the Variable Font Origin parameter.

So you have a Regular, Bold, and a Regular Italic—then you’re trying to populate the Bold Italic?

If you get it working, I’ll be interested to see how the Bold Italic is interpreted.

I don’t need the Bold Italic master for your variable font.

And I would use a Virtual Master for the ascenders. As you only have a difference in a few letters.
I made a small sample font:
Three (2.9 KB)

You remember wrong here :slight_smile: It does support any custom axis name. The limitation is only to 6 axes at the moment, due to the current Glyphs API.

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Why not? Is it possible to sketch the scenario in order to make it work with a plugin? If I know the problem, I can try to find a solution.

When you have a master setup that can be used for variable fonts, the resulting preview should be close to what you get in from the final variable font.