Tiny Bug: Can't create new Smart Filter parameter outside of conditional statement

I have created a Smart Filter to bring together all the glyphs in the test phase of my project. I am working on a handwriting font, so have many custom glyph suffixes I want to include in the list (hence the use of a Smart Filter).

At first I forgot to include the ‘Any of the following are true’ logic, and the list displayed nothing (expected behaviour, as it was looking for all of the conditions to be true). I added the ‘Any’, and was very pleased to note I could drag items to rearrange them (very nice, thanks guys!). I dragged each parameter to be nested under the ‘Any’ condition.

Later I wanted to add a parameter outside of this ‘Any’ logic, however now that each item has been nested within, it seems it’s not possible to add anything outside it. The option for creating new items no longer exists outside the conditional statement (as all options are nested), and even dragging isn’t able to bring items outside the statement.

A minor bug of course, but worth pointing out, I thought.