Tipps to make good spacing and kerning

Hi there,

I did this lower case font for a client of mine. the whole range of letters is based on a few logo characters, which I designed years ago. The aim is now to create a real font in glyphsapp for client usage. As graphic designer, I have a knowledge about spacing and kerning, but more in a final habit of design.

So I am wondering if there are some good videos or info, which explain the starting point to make accurate spacing through a font design and even some special kerning setting where it’s needed.

Best, Alex

First. Set the correct italic angle in the master settings.
And the most important rule is to have the similar side bearing value similar shapes. That is true for both sides. So the ‘o’ needs to have the same numbers on both sides. And the same numbers apply to the right of the ‘p’ and the left of the ‘q’.
Read those tutorials: