To convert a unique instance as a master, a easy way?


I’m looking for a easy/faster method to convert a unique instance as a master. How could I do it to not export all instances and save as a another glyphs file?


Deactivate all instances except the one you want to save, then do File>Generate Instances. A new Glyphs document with this instance will appear, which you can then save as a separate Glyphs file.

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Thanks @MarkSimonson, I knew this way but I’m looking for a kind of option like “convert instance to master” or similar if it exists. However I saw that I haven’t to save the glyphs file (of the instance) before to import the master to my glyphs file :grinning:

An alternative to deactivating instances is to set up a File > New Project with only the instance(s) you want to generate. Then, you don’t need to deactivate the instances in the .glyphs file.