Too many inflections

Hello everybody,
i have a errormessage it is named “too many reflections” Die Glyphe ›E‹ enthält eine Kurve mit zu vielen Inflectionen. – fast translation. The Glyphe E has too many reflections.
If i delete the E, it will be next to the whole alphabet.

I wont to export a varibale font. I made the glyphs with illustrator. Could there be the origin of the error?
Thank you all for help, bye28

Inflections are when the curve changes it’t direction. That can happen at the spine of the ‘S’. Converting to TrueType is difficult when curves have more then one inflection. Please review your outlines and clean them up a bit.

This might help:

If you think your paths are fine, could you post a screenshot of you ‘E’?

wow, thank you for your extremly fast reply. Thank you so much.