Too many kerning pairs (Old Kerning Table)

I only have 409 kerning pairs in this single weight font file, what is the limit of kerning pairs?


Old-style kern tables can only hold glyph-to-glyph pairs. Group-to-group, group-to-glyph, and glyph-to-group will get disassembled to glyph-to-glyph pairs, and the number of kern pairs can explode.

Are you sure you really need an old-style kern table? For which application?

Okay, thank you!

It’s for PowerPoint (Sadly…)

Best to work on a duplicate .glyphs file, and use Script > Freemix > Expand Kerning (Freemix scripts by Tim Ahrens available in Plugin Manager) to disassemble all group kerning to singleton kern pairs, and then, start sorting out.