Tool shortcut in other scripts

When I’m editing Greek or Cyrillic, it is kinda pain that I cannot switch tools with keyboard, since it only accepts Latin input. Could you add other keys to the tool shortcut, especially for Greek and Cyrillic? You don’t need to do anything to menu commands, because when you press command key, everything is temporarily switched to Latin and just works (open visual keyboard to see what’s happening).

Select = ω
Pen = π
Erase/Knife = ε
Geometric shapes = φ
Convert to guideline while dragging = γ
Rotate = ρ
Scale = σ
Text = τ
Annotation = α
Hand = η
Zoom = ζ
Measurement = λ

There are several Russian layouts which vary a lot, so I don’t know how you can assign the right keys. Is it possible for the application to identify the current keyboard layout?

I will see what I can do.