Top Anchor in alt glyph

The “top” anchor is not working in this alternative glyph, while “bottom” anchor is working well.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 11.03.59 PM

The other word shows that the original glyph has no problem with top anchor.
Any ideas?

What is the name of the alternate glyphs?

And you shouldn’t mix outlines and components. Make an alternate behdotless-at.init.

the name of the alternate glyph is yeh-ar.init.alt

The reason that i made the yeh-ar.init.alt is the intersection of the reh and yeh-ar.init when it becomes after the reh.
So, if i made an alternate behdotless-ar.init, the problem is it will replace the beh-ar.init, teh-ar.init, and theh-ar.init. That is what is in my mind.
I just want to replace the yeh-ar.init.

Anyway, i made an alternate behdotless-ar.init, this is the result.

The dots are not visible, but the anchors are exist.

I just removed the “twodotshorizontalbelow-ar” Component, it sloved the problem.

This is the result:

It should also work if you us only components in “yeh-ar.init.alt”. It is highly recommended to not mix paths and components and build glyphs from components as much as possible. Even when you have a component that is only used once or twice.

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Do you think I could make this alternative as a component? like transferring the paths to another glyph no matter what it is named, then adding the component from the previous glyph to “yeh-ar.init.alt”

Yes, correct. Use anchors to automatically align the glyphs to each other, like center and _center. The name doesn’t matter, you just need the underscore for the connection to work.