topAccent / bottomAccent in Stylistic Sets

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I’m currently setting up diacritics in my typeface. I made use of the topAccent / bottomAccent function in Glyphs which worked great! Now I would like to do the same for my stylistic set characters (there are a lot of them). This is where I got stuck. I tried two different naming formats: A.ss01.topAccent and A.topAccent.ss01, but when I try to generate Adieresis.ss01 etc. it still combines the default character with the marks. Is there a flaw in my logic or is the feature exclusive to default characters?

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Can you provide a more specific example?

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Thank you Georg! If it was jut this character, I would do it manually. but unfortunately almost every character that has marks needs a top/bottomAccent version.
I did screenshots of all my steps to visualize my situation. Hope that helps

btw the “a” being named “A” is intentional. it’s a bit of a conceptual typeface :wink:

what is the difference between “A” and “A.topAccent”, and “A.ss02” and “A.ss02.topAccent”?

The difference is the size. A significant characteristic of the typeface is, that nothing goes below the baseline or above the cap-height. Instead the characters have a smaller version (while stroke width remains the same). The bottomAccent characters are moved 200 units from the baseline to fit the mark underneath

You can force the building of the diacritics with a recipe. Or use the mekkablue script Find and Replace Components post facto.

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Amazing, thank you. I’ll give that a try