Totally random selection

is there an easy way, for a lazy man, to create a font with multiple versions of each letter, and for there to be a random selecting of the letters. A bit like contextual alternates, but one never knows what one will get. A bit like life

If you have two or three groups of letters, say for example vowels and consonants, and within these groups, all letters have the same number of alternates, you can do a pseudorandom cycling:

Other than that, you can set up a rand feature, which, however, is hardly supported by software. The mekkablue script Features > Build rand Feature can help you with that.

thanks Rainer: I want totally and genuine random everywhere (in all software). I suppose that’s not going to happen

or is it Reiner?

what is Mekka Blue? it sounds like my Yorkshire uncles instructing me in the making of a painting: mekka blue circle ont left lad

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Rainer with an a, or actually Rainer Erich, so you can also say Erich or anglicised Eric if you prefer that. Mekka blue refers to a webcomic I once drew when I was young and handsome. It has since been my screen name. Your Yorkshire uncles and I are going to have a lot of fun, I think. You need to introduce me to them on a pub trail when the pandemic is over.