Touche & Word-o-mat

I think that Touche only run in Robofont.

Touche is available as a plugin for Glyphs.

Do you have the link to download it?
Thanks, et

Hi Edu, If you have installed the Glyphs App package install you would have already that in Menu > Edit > word-o-mat

Hi Nico,
Guido talked about to Touche.

PS: I have installed word-o-mat and run right.

@etunni, you are right, I haven’t added that script yet, Here is the repository. I will add that plugin soon:

It’s something to do with these lines in

_path = NSBundle.mainBundle().bundlePath()
_path = _path+"/Contents/Frameworks/GlyphsCore.framework/Versions/A/Resources/BridgeSupport/GlyphsCore.bridgesupport"
f = open(_path)
objc.parseBridgeSupport(, globals(), _path)

Comment those out and the plugin will load - of course it won’t work, because without them you don’t have GSIntersectLineLine and friends, but for some reason, after those lines, Glyphs thinks the TouchePlugin is trying to conform to the tool plugin protocol, not the general plugin protocol.