Trace Image Filter Does not work

I installed the Trace Image plug in and placed an image into a glyph window. When I select the image trace filter, nothing happens. I’ve played with the perimeters in the dialogue box and still no trace. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Looks like the plug-in needs an update. It is currently broken.

OK, thanks. I guess I’ll have to use the rather inadequate Photoshop path creator or the trace tool in Illustrator. Both of which I was trying to avoid. At least I know it isn’t me. :slight_smile:

Any chance there will be a fix to this issue any time soon?


Not before next week. Sorry, cannot give a more precise date.

Workaround: The plug-in still works in Glyphs 2, so you could set up the document there, run the filter, and then bring it back to Glyphs 3.