Tracing Image Manually

Hi, I’m trying to figure out best practice for tracing an image, and can’t seem find any information on how I should go about this.

In other programs, I would use two layers: Drawing layer and Background layer. The background layer holds my image, the drawing layer is where I do my tracing.

If I do this in Glyphs, my background layer holding my image doesn’t show the image when I’m drawing on top of it. Show Background and Show Image are both checked in the View menu.

If I put the image on the same layer that I’m drawing on, I cannot quickly select my drawing points without moving the image. I try to lock the image on my layer and it seems to also lock everything on the layer.


Paste the image in the foreground, right-click the image, select “Lock Image”. This will lock the image position and transformation, while letting you draw and modify any other shapes.

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Thanks! I completely overlooked the “Lock Image” function, and was trying to use the “Lock” function, which appears to lock the entire layer, not the object?

Correct, if you right-click anywhere on the layer and click Lock, that locks the entire layer, which is also very useful sometimes. You can do the same for the whole glyph.

But yes, in your case, you only need Lock Image.

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