Transfering setup to a second device

Maybe a trivial question, but: Is there an fast and easy way to transfer my current Glyphs 3 setup (settings, plugins, scripts and so on) to a second Mac?
For example, I thought I could just copy the contents of the scripts, repositories and plugins folders and paste them on the new device, but after that Glyphs 3 wouldn’t start anymore and ended up as not responding every time. Or is that because one device is on macOS 10.12 and the other on 10.15?

I might try to copy the full Glyphs 3 folder.

Can you try to start the app with the Option+Shift key pressed?

There is also this helpful tool for syncing / moving preference files between computers: GitHub - lra/mackup: Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)

I had written a definition for it to handle Glyphs 2.x however it may need updating to Glyphs 3.x. But if anyone wants to have a shot at writing it, instructions are here: mackup/doc at master · lra/mackup · GitHub

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