Transform multiple shapes at once

Hi there,

I’ve created a variable font based on the brick grid/pattern on the roads in Amsterdam. Like such…

The font is made up of individual shapes (bricks), and the variable is the rotation of these bricks for which I have created 3 instances (up, straight, down OR 0, 45, 90 degrees)


is it possible to rotate these individual shapes all at once rather than having to do them one at a time (similar to the transform each tool in illustrator)

OR is there way of doing this by creating components perhaps?

Rotating things in variable font is tricky. You most likely need a lot intermediate masters to make it look good. And you don’t want them on all you’re glyphs. So having one brick glyph to use as a component is probably the best solution.

Thanks for the reply @GeorgSeifert

Understand it may not be ideal but it seems to be working quite well so far BUT you are right in the fact that it only looks good at certain rotations.

I’ll give the component route a go but to answer the other part of the question, is it possible to transform multiple shapes at once in Glyphs?

It is not possible to transform the individually (each around its own centre). But you could write a script :wink: