Transformation panel bug

I noticed, that using the transformation panel gives inconsistent results depending on which reference is used.

I wanted scale up a glyph to 102%. When using the central grid point, it looks like it works fine. But then I would have to reposition the glyphs.

If I use the bottom grid point in the left corner, the values are strange. Left side of the glyph (in this case was scale up less than the right side.

When I position the reference point in x=0,y=0 and use it to resize the glyph, it works fine.

Can you provide an annotated screenshot? I cannot reproduce any unexpected inconsistencies when scaling from the bottom left.

Keep in mind that the unit grid may get in the way when scaling. Does it work better if you set the grid step to zero first?

Or perhaps, can you send me the file?

G2 [688], regarding the Transformations panel. The 0,0% configuration doesn’t allow me to enter a value of one-half of a percent. It has had the comma for some time but prior to that it had a period. Maybe this can be fixed soon?

I sent a screenshot by mail.

I’ve also reported part of this bug to Georg… In the box for the scaling amount you can not make a fraction of a whole number e.g. 1.3%. It always rounds down to the nearest whole number.

But the little up/down arrows next to the field still work, so you can get fractional numbers that way.