Transformations apply to whole glyph instead of selection

Seems like a bug. I’d like to be able to transform a selected subshape of a glyph (e.g., slant the /R inside a /® for the italic cut), but if I do, the whole glyph gets transformed instead.

Copy the part(s) you don’t want to slant to the Clipboard, then hit Delete. Slant the remaining paths, then paste the deleted part(s) back in.

Do you mean the transformation filter? It is intended to work on the hole glyph. If you need to transform only parts of the glyph, use the tools in the right sidebar.

Can the tools do cursify instead of slant, though?

When it comes to change the position of selected paths/components together while keeping the none-selected paths/components at their exact location; The right side bar (Transformations) needs to have MOVE parameters (X & Y Translate) like those available in the Filter.

  • Locking a component does not exempt it from transformations filter; elsewhere Locking a specific path is not available.
  • Controlling positions by the info Gray Box is helpful only if one path is selected; but when re-positioning (moving) is needed for multiple paths at once; The infoBox obviously does not show.
    Suggested an option of “Group” in order to control all selected paths/ components as a unit.

True. Not sure if we should consider it a feature or a bug, though.

It should show for multiple paths. If you mix paths and components, it does not, because components and paths try to show different things in the info box.