Transliteration glyphs

Is there a predefined Set of glyphs for transliteration? I would like to add them to my fonts but don’t which one to add.
Glyphs like: ʿ ʾ ā ḍ ḥ ī ṣ ṭ ū ẓ


What are you trying to transliterate? There are hundreds of languages that need different glyphs when transliterated.

Plus, for most scripts, there are multiple transliteration standards, e.g., Cyrillic to Latin, which has different standards for each language, the Wikipedia article for Romanized Russian lists a dozen standards.

Best strategy is probably to look which transliteration standards there are for the languages you want to cover, and collect the glyphs you need into a list filter.

I see, so if we narrow it down to transliteration of Arabic, is there a fixed set of glyphs? Or does it also depend on different standards?

These sites have good information on needed glyphs for transliteration: (American Library Association/Library of Congress)

Thanks! These are great!