Transparency for font

Is is working in Indesign now. When I look in your file in ‘instances’, I only see one named ‘Grey’ whereas I have all the layers. I guess I don’t know how to ‘merge’ the layers you have… Hmm

The custom parameter is merging all he layers.

Okay- I will just use the file you send to create the rest of the glyphs.
I noticed that I can’t change the color of the glyph in InDesign- this is not super important.

Now, next step for me is to do the ligatures and also make it work as a web font :open_mouth:

Hi Georg

I have tried to merge the two fonts together to be able to use the pixelated font for a ligature and I am meeting another obstacle as I have trouble with showing the pixelated font for min ligatures.
I have added the pixel font to the masters:

Again, I have done one layer pr opacity for the pixel font.

Instances look like this:

When i open the ‘r’ it looks like this when all layers are ‘opened’:

Is it possible to only show the layer called ‘medium’ when saved?

Now, moving to the ligature. I am trying to do a draft called r_r.rlig -it appears in ‘features’.

I have made the letters editable by clicking Cmd-Shift-D and this happens:

Ideally, I would like to be able to click the ‘medium’ layer off and then turn the layers of the pixilated font on.
However, I for some reason can’t access the layers. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong in the workflow and/or if I have to approach the process in another way.

Also, I did a test where I did he r_r.rliga ligature and removed the original files completely and draw a new letter on top of it- it seems to not work. Will I have to keep the ‘master letter’ ie ‘r’?

I’m not sure that you like to achieve with the ligatures. do you like to draw the pixels from scratch?

I like to use the ligature to recognise specific word/letters ie. cph (c_p_h.rlig) and ‘change’ the typo in the ligatures to the pixelated type where the opacity is used. Now I am trying to do that, but it seems like it is not possible?

That is possible. You need to use a different setup:

It allows to have a default Master and color layer on selected glyphs.

Yes! I’ll give it a try.
When using this approach, will it also be a SVG font that will only work in the latest InDesign and not on the web? :slight_smile:

This site has some overview over where you can use color fonts.

As the Color X layers will also produce COLR/CPAL tables, this font will work in all major browsers (Chrome supports COLR/CPAL, it seems (and contrary to what the website says).