Transparency for font


I’m working on typeface where I will need to add opacity/transparency.

It should look as on the image and the color as the type should be able to be changed when the font is used.

Best Riklin

You mean that the glyphs should look like this when used big? Then you need to do a “color” font. Where do you need to use that font?

They should look like this at all times (as ligatures to pixelate some words as they are typed in).
For that, I am using .rliga i.e. c_p_h.rliga and then I will apply the font style to the ligature.

Do you mean this workflow?
I see there is an opacity option in the colours here :slight_smile:

Btw tried to implement this pixelate script as I think it would speed up the process:

But I can’t make it work so I don’t know which result I will get. (vanilla can’t be installed)
My guess is also, that no opacity will be applied with this script?

The font should be used as a part of a body font i.e. freight sans medium, and only be ‘shown’ when specific words are typed. (already emailed with Ragner about that and he suggedted the .rliga solutuon) :slight_smile:

You also write a script that gets the pixels from the image above. Then you get a more realistic result.

To install vanilla:
Download the whole repository from GitHub and then copy the folder inside of the Lib folder into Glyphs Scripts folder.

This should be the vanilla download file right?

I am afraid I do not have time to develop my oven script considering my lack of experience with py :wink:

@GeorgSeifert I have now managed to do a quick sketch of the pixel effect that I want.

However, I am not sure if the different layers will work by default. As the guide suggests: Now, what you need to do in InDesign, is to have multiple text frames with the exact same content exactly on top of each other, each of them with a different font style. You can use InDesign’s place-and-link tool to achieve that.

Is there a way to have the opacity by default? I will need the pixilated word to show as you type (similar to this project: If the opacity won’t work I will go for a 100% black.

And thanks for your help! Really appreciate it!

You can export that as one color font that works in the latest version of Indesign. If you have set up a Layer font, add a “Color Layers to SVG” custom parameter in an instance.

Hmm. I am not sure how to save the font as one layer. I am doing this:

Will I need something in values?

It exports is like this:

So it separate layers.

Just to understand what you wrote correctly: I can export the opacity as one layer? Or will it need to be a solid black?

Also, will the font with opacity work as a web font?

You need to check the box in the value column. And then deactivate all other instances.

I tried to deactivate all instances (you mean this box right?) so that only one of the layers are active.

Then it looks like this:

Is seem to not merge the layers as I wanted. I must be doing something wrong. Only one layer is saved from my font.
It looks like this when I type:

(only the black squares in the layer are saved, and it 100% black even though I did it with 60 % in glyphs for this layer)
Should look like this:

Hmm… Can’t figure out what I am doing wrong :wink:

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Sure :slight_smile: Here is the pixelfont (have done capital A-R: (5.2 KB)

And it should be added as ligatures for specific words to this: (67.2 KB)

btw. the pixel plugin is used for the pixel font :slight_smile: Don’t know it this is important?

The font works fine for me in the latest Indesign.

It doesn’t work in the Web. I need to investigate this.

Oh wow! Nice :slight_smile: Good to know that it is at least working somewhere.
So now I need to figure out what I am doing wrong when saving:
Can you tell if I am doing something wrong in the instances? (images above).

Thanks you so so much for the help! It is for my MA project so really appreciate your time :slight_smile:

I didn’t do much. I remove all instances and renamed the one to “gray”: (3.0 KB)
pixelfont2 (5.6 KB)

Could it have something to do with this?

Don’t think so. I didn’t change something in that area.