Transparency In Fonts

Just a question about a design feature that I’m not sure how to pull off. I’m wanting to create a font with transparency to make a convincing watercolor look. This guy is somehow doing it and applying some interesting textures to his fonts. My question: how? Is it possible with glyphs?

I’m mit reale sure how they did it. You can’t have transparency in OpenType font. There are some approaches to use bitmaps in fonts but there use is really limited (Pages, Keynote, Notepad on mac + Firefox and Chrome). So what I think he did was tracing a very rough image that would produce a lot small paths and that looks like there is transparency if used like in the sample images.

This is just a halftone effect. you can see it much better here

That is spot on, Jscruggs. It is indeed a halftone after all.

Days back to Calypso by URW++
Same technique, different effect.

Hi folks, just wondering how this is done in glyphs? It’s a bitmap effect from photoshop but how do you bring it into the glyphs app?

I think you can also do it in Illustrator, with which you can transfer the data much easier.
Or if you really care about quality, do it manually:

copy and paste? I’m guessing there must be a limit to the amount of texture you can take over without crashing everything, any advice on number of points or limitations?

I am not sure if it’s a certain number.

Thanks anyway Tosch, we’ll see what it can handle

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