Trouble exporting using Glyphs Mini


I’m new to Glyphs mini and am struggling to export my test font. I’m sure the solution is obvious, but I’m tearing my hair out trying to work it out. This is a description of my workflow.

I’ve created a font in Illustrator and have copied and pasted the glyphs into Glyphs Mini one at a time. I’ve resized them, but have not, at this stage, set bearings and kerning, etc Each drawing appears mapped to the correct glyph and is shown in the font view as a solid black shape. I’ve removed overlaps, and ensured I have no directions, paths and extrema errors. Each glyph has the export check box ticked. I’ve named the font and entered ‘test’ into the other fields in the font info. I’ve saved the file before exporting to OTF. I receive a notification that my export was successful.

At this point I have problems. Not only is the OTF is empty, but when I close and relaunch Glyphs Mini, then open the saved file, it too is empty.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Apologies, but I think I have resolved this issue.

What was the problem?

User error. :grinning: