Trouble with font updates

Hi there! I design Hebrew fonts and recently sent my customers an update for a couple of fonts, which include new Latin letters added to the font (beforehand it was Hebrew letters only.)

Two separate people have updated me that they’re having trouble with the replacement file (each one having a different issue).

One reports that she can’t get English to appear in Microsoft Word (although she says that the glyphs appear in the font layout), and one says that in Adobe programs, when she types in Hebrew, only uppercase English letters appear.

I’ve instructed them to erase the previous file, restart and reinstall, and also to look into clearing the font cache for their specific computers and OS. They say it doesn’t seem like it helped.

Is there something I’m missing? Could this be an issue on my end in my Glyphs file? Is this an issue with the way they’re replacing the file? Is there a better way to be instructing customers to install font updates?


That is most likely a font cache problem: Eliminating Font Cache Problems | Glyphs

For some of the users this fixed the problem, but one is still having trouble with the font, specifically in Microsoft Word. The font works for Hebrew but not English, including on a computer on which the font was never installed (so seems not to be a cache issue). Is there a way I could fix this issue on my end?

Could you send me the .glyphs file?

I just have an idea. Can you check if the font fully covers the 1251 code page (the font sidebar should have an entry for it).

I don’t think I have the option to PM yet - how else can I privately send you the file? I’m not seeing anything in the sidebar about 1251 code page - where should I be looking?

Send it by email to support at this domain.

Located the Windows 1252 section on the sidebar and generating all of the extra glyphs listed seems to have solved it. Thanks!!

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