Troubleshooting glyphs do not appear in Font Book

I’ve created two glyphs, gave them each a Unicode assignment in the Private Use area, and exported to an .otf file. Upon importing (“adding”) them to Font Book, and subsequently validating both the font and the file, all appears as “passed”, green light etc.

However the glyphs do not actually appear in Font Book – the name of my “font” is there, the “Regular” category appears, and in Text Edit I can see that the font is named. But no glyphs can be seen.

I followed the instructions here re. clearing caches, did all that, rebooted, etc. after first removing the font altogether from Font Book. After re-exporting and re-adding the .otf to Font Book, problem is still there … can’t see my glyphs!

Have you read this:

Which Unicodes? And what do you mean they do not appear? Can you not type them?

I did, yes. I removed the font (called “CoH”) from the system in Font Book, then created the script as suggested and ran it. I was prompted to reboot, and did so. Then I re-created the .otf file (changing the family name to “CoH-b”), added it to Font Book, and still had the same problem.

Screen #1 shows how the lower-left portion of my Glyphs screen, and the two letter-like symbols (“died” and “KhiRho”) I’d created. They are assigned to the Private Use space of Unicode, assigned to E0A7 and E0A8, respectively:


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… After adding to Font Book, though my “CoH” font is listed, the two glyphs do not appear:

I’m a first-time Glyph user, and this is the first time I’m creating any kind of “font,” so I probably missed a step in creating the glyphs or in importing them into Font Book?

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You need to actually type (or copy & paste) them in the FontBook window.

Aha! Trying this, however while I can select the characters in Glyph and “copy,” but then in Font Book I cannot paste them. The “Paste” option is greyed out in Font Book.

When you paste, the cursor must be blinking in the preview section of the FontBook window.

Sorry, but I’m still doing something wrong. In the “Fonts” screen of Glyph, I highlight one of the two characters I’d created and select “Copy” from the menu. Then in Font Book, the only screen in Preview in which a blinking cursor appears is the “Custom” view. I then Paste the character I had just copied from Glyph and a blank space appears – nothing else.

When I type random characters in this same area, only two – I assume these correspond to the Unicode places I assigned? – show anything at all, which is a box with a “?” in it. (The keys are ; and ’ ).

I note also that when I double-click one of my characters in Glyph, the tab that appears for that character is titled with a box and ?, not the name of the glyph itself. Not sure if that means anything.

This is probably a font cache problem. Please use the Export and Install script by Nico Hagenburger if you want to test in macOS. It is mentioned in the tutorial Georg mentioned above.

Well, I’ve narrowed down the source of the problem. I created a new “test” glyph in my font collection, a simple square black box that I drew using the Glyph editor tools. I can copy and paste that “black box” glyph into Font Book, and it appears.

The two glyphs I am having a problem with were made from .png images. I added the images in Glyph, and they appear fine there, but show as “blanks” in Font Book.

What might I be doing wrong with the .png images? Should I use a different format?

Fonts (normally) can only contain vectors (there are some color fonts formats nowadays but that needs special preparation. Check the tutorials on the website).
So you need to trace the images or redraw them with vectors.