TrueType conversion fails if intermediate layers not replicated in composite glyph

Hello. Is this new? I have never run into this bug before.

When I try to export a variable font, I get the error “These glyphs are not compatible: gcircumflex.ss02. Probably the TrueType conversion failed”.

I investigated and found that it was happening because I have an intermediate layer in my g.ss02, which I had not replicated in my gcircumflex (which is purely a composite of g.ss02 and circumflexcomb). When I replicate the intermediate layers in gcircumflex, the export works fine.

Is this supposed to happen?

Any information on this? Thanks!

I can’t reproduce this. Do you also have an intermediate layer in the circumflexcomb? Can you send me the file?

No, only an intermediate layer in the g. I’ll send you the file later.

Very weird. Just tried on my laptop (Air 2020, Intel) and it works in 3246. I will try again on my M2 machine at home later (where it didn’t work).