Truetype hinting manual/tutorial

Is there a TrueType hinting tutorial that’s newer than the one in the handbook?

I started one a year ago, and never got around to finish it. Will see what I can do.

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This one? It’s a bit short :sweat_smile:
I would also greatly appreciate a documentation, especially of the TTF Autohint Options custom parameter. Thanks!

@SCarewe , in the meantime
has all you need to understand how to use the TTF Autohint Options custom parameter.

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Oops this shouldn’t be listed. It’s a stub. Or did you guess the URL?

It’s what shows up as the first result when you search “Glyphs TTF autohint” on Google :wink:

Take another look.

For completeness’ sake, the original poster was was talking about manual hinting, which is this tutorial:

The one you were referring to is about automatic hinting.