TrueType Hinting wishlist

True Type Hinting improved so much with the latest cutting edge, thanks so much!

Some things which I would like to see for the future:

Better editing of Deltas. At the moment there is only a window which shows all Deltas, it’s not possible to edit or at least delete them. If I want to delete a Delta instruction for a specific size, I have to delete all of them. Or am I wrong?

The network preview is great. It would be nice if there would be the possibility to optionally extend. For instance I would like to compare different styles. What about showing all instances of the current character when “Show all instances” is active?

Anyway, great work so far!

And another question: How can I delete all TT instruction for a selected glyph via script? It happens sometimes that there is a error in my manual TT hinting, and when I try to open that character, Glpyhs crashes. So I it’s quite hard to find and change that false TT instruction.


If that crash happens, please send me the file.
To delete the hints:

for hint in list(Layer.hints):
	if hint.isTrueType():