TTF Autohint options

I’m just starting out with the TTFAutohint options parameter and noticed:

  • this list is not alphabetical:
    Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 08.45.37

  • when choosing a default/fallback script and clicking ok, it stores in the parameter. But when clicking the parameter again to edit it, those properties revert to default and none.

  • hinting limit doesn’t appear in the custom parameter after exiting the ttfautohint options, and windows compatibility just says ‘no-info’ even if it was selected

And now I can’t export fonts:

Can you try with ttfautohint in the 3.2 beta?

Ack, I can’t keep updating in the middle of projects. Does it mean the TTFAutohint options don’t work in G3 before v3.2?

No, it should work. Perhaps try the ttfautohint settings script for writing the parameter. Or create the parameter in 3.2 and paste it in 3.1.