TTF autohinting variable

Hi there
I came across this guide on autohinting variable fonts(GitHub - googlefonts/how-to-hint-variable-fonts: A how-to guide to TrueType hinting variable fonts, with VTT).
Is this still not possible in Glyphs or is there a setting i have to make on the instances?


Glyphs supports hinting variable font for some time (mostly since Glyphs 3). You define your hinting as you would for static instances and export as variable.

Ahh ok great! Can I use AutoHint=TTF_AutoHint when I export variable via script then?
Or should I use AutoHint=True ??

For more context like this:
font.export(Format=VARIABLE, Containers=[PLAIN, WOFF, WOFF2], FontPath=os.path.expanduser(subfolder_paths["SomethingSomething"]), UseProductionNames=UseProductionNames, AutoHint=TTF_AutoHint)

Glyphs uses ttfautohint, which does not support variable fonts. If you want to hint your variable font in Glyphs you have to perform manual TrueType hinting. If you’re using Font.export, you need to explicitly disable autohinting, since it’s on by default and it will prevent your manual hints from exporting.

# Manual TrueType hints will be exported
Font.export(Format=VARIABLE, AutoHint=False)

# Autohint is enabled by default, but isn't available,
# so the font will be unhinted

If you want to automatically hint your variable fonts, the best you can get is semi-automatic hinting in VTT. My understanding is that it can perform some light autohinting on a variable font, but you generally need to manually edit the results.

I didn’t read properly. You meant autohinting variable fonts. Glyphs uses ttfautohint. And it doesn’t support variable fonts. And it doesn’t seems to be developed any more. So your only chance for hinted variable fonts, is manual hinting.

Thanks for the reply @justinpenner and @GeorgSeifert
Would it be technically possible to make a plug-in that runs ttf autohinting on each master?

To export it as a variable font? That doesn’t work. TrueType instructions work quite differently. And can’t be interpolated like this.