TTF can't be opened


Hey there,
I got a problem that I am not able to open a .ttf file with Glyphs 2.6.1. I have no idea with this, anyone does? Cheers.

The document “ Font-Name .ttf” could not be opened. Error while reading the document: /Users/username/Library/Fonts/ Font-Name .ttf

(662 -[cmap_format_2 decompile:font:error:])


Don’t open a TTF in use, directly from your Library. Make a copy of it on the Desktop first, and open that one.


Could you send me the font file. It seems that it is in a format that Glyphs has problems with.


Thanks. I tried to make a copy of the file, but it still not able to open.

here’s the font file:

Many Thanks.


Thanks for the files. I fixed the problem.