.ttf changes from one version of Glyphs to the next

I didn’t change the glyph, but from one version of Glyphs app to the next it’s different. Is this something to do with Glyphs? Was it this:

New in Version 2.3 (863)

Fix some issues with TrueType export
improve performance with very big files
Fix a few other things

This means I have to recheck all my ttfautohint control files.

Point order is the same, at least as far as I can see. Or did I miss something?

Ah I should’ve made a gif:

Ah, I see. Yes. More off-curve points. You may experiment with the TrueType Curve Error parameter, but the eventual number of off-curves will probably still be different.

Is your control file very large?

No but I have 8 fonts to check with average of 35 corrections in each file and the only interface I have to check the point numbers is FontForge, a tedious program to use… (do you have a better suggestion?)

So what changed? And what settings can you recommend to get closer to the version with less control points?

Also could the changelog come with dates please? cc @GeorgSeifert I would like to go back to the cutting edge version of Glyphs App from Feb 18 because I don’t have the time to go through each setting in ttfautohint to check it’s correct.

If you keep a backlog of betas, you can sort by the creation date of the .app.

Ok I guess I will have to do that from now on. I haven’t been keeping a backlog of betas because I didn’t realise it was going to be a problem generating from a later version.

I changed to code a bit to improve the quality of curves with zero length handles.
I just had another look at the code and the change I mentioned is in a different branch of my code. I didn’t change the algorithm for several month.

Pink was old version.
What version did it change at? Because I reverted to 862 which was before the above update and it still doesn’t work.