Ttf dsig

Anyone know how I might be able to continue signing (DSIG) my TTF files now I’ve moved my projects over to Glyphs from FL?

I could always take them back to FL, but would like to know if there’s another way.

Using TTX? 010/p1

I have a certificate, I don’t want to used dummy sigs.

I will have a look.

Miles it works the same way, just with your dsig instead of the empty one.

thanks :slight_smile:

Mekkablue is not correct. It is quite complicated. You have to prepare the font data in a certain way and then calculate a checksum and run encode it with your signature. Then put the font together and add the checksum to the dsig table. I will see if I can figure this out.

Thanks George,
signing ought not be something that needs thinking about, just a checkbox on export.

It should be like this for the user, of course. I just wanted to explain what it is all about. I hope I figure this out.