TTF fonts are not opened properly (Glyphs mini)

TTF fonts are not always opened properly by glyphs mini. It happens with this font for example SF Pro Display Regular - Font Free [ Download Now ]

I’ll have a look. But you should not download fonts from sketchy websites like that.

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Yes, I know. Yet It happens not only for fonts from sketchy websites. :smiley:
For example Download Font Awesome Free or Pro | Font Awesome (Web, Free for web, fa-solid-900.otf is not imported properly

Or fa-solid-900 otf from here Font-Awesome/webfonts at master · FortAwesome/Font-Awesome · GitHub

I know. My comment was not related to that particular font.

hi, using mini (latest beta), font awesome looks fine, both free and pro.

maybe a graphic glitch, Mac video card overheating?

This was an import issue with certain configurations. I fixed it.