TTFautohint capital height problem

All my masters have the same capital height. When I use autohinting, my TrueType fonts within the family show different uppercase heights. How is this possible and how can I prevent it?

See, for example, sizes 17-19 in the screenshot. The heights actually differ in almost all sizes.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 181400

ttfautohint has an option to orient its zones after an existing TTF. Effectively an equivalent to family zones. @harbortype pointed me to this the other day. It is not in the UI though. But you can add it to the custom parameter value.


With a ‘blue zone reference font’:

But how to implement it in Glyphs via a custom parameter?

You should be able to add it manually to the value string of the custom parameter. I’ll have a look if I can add it to the ttfautohint script.

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