Two bugs and a feature request

Sorry if these bugs have been reported already – I didn’t find any applicable threads with the Search function, though.

Bug 1: When ligatures are activated, and more than one ligature is present in a text window, double-clicking on a glyph will no longer send the correct glyph into edit mode. For instance, typing “fifis” and double-clicking “s” will edit the second “f_i”. For some reason, it works for a single ligature (as in “fis”).

Corrolary: Moving the insert mark with the arrow keys produces some erratic jumping when ligatures are present, especially with more than 2 components per ligature.

Bug 2: Using the scaling tools in the tool palette will always scale by 200% and 50%, regardless of the values entered.

Feature request: It would be cool if Glyphs remembered the features activated in each text window upon reopening a saved file. Furthermore, it would be cool if features could be toggled for all windows at once, rather than for each one separately. I work with ligatures and contextual alternates a lot, so this requires a lot of clicking.

Ad Bug 2: you may need to tab out of the entry field first for the entry to take effect.