Two components with alternate layers?

I’m designing a font where all the glyphs contain alternate layers, including the accents. When I try to export I get a warning “the font contains glyphs with the same name” all finished by .varAlt01. Does this has to do with having two components with alternate layers? All the alternate layers in the font have the same values, and decomposing them would make the font very heavy. What should I do to export it?

What version of Glyphs do you have?

3.0.4 (3101)

I think the problem was discussed here: The font contains glyphs with the same name: newGlyph - #20 by federicoparra

Yes, I posted in that one as well because I’m assuming that might be the problem, but I wasn’t sure, as that’s an old post. Is there a workaround of this in case that’s the reason?

Can you send me your file that I can have a look?

Thanks, Georg. I just sent it.

Hi @GeorgSeifert, I wanted to know if you had the chance to check the file and if you would suggest changing the design or you see possibilities of exporting glyphs with two components that have alternate layers. Thanks!