Two Hangul Issues

Hello, there are 2 issues for Hangul.

Issue 1
Hangul composition plugin is not working in the newest version. It is still working at Glyphs 2.4.4.

Issue 2
I’d like to use an anchor for hangul composition plugin when a component is the same but different position. So, I made some anchors. But anchors do not work when the glyph has Hangul Unicode. I tried again with a user-defined glyph, then, it worked.

I’ve also sent an email with my glyph file, please check it if you need to see the file.

Thank you

Indeed. It would be nice if we could use anchor for Hangul too.

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It depends on the anchor names, and anchor positioning only works in full-compound glyphs (no paths, only components). Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Thank you for you reply. I’ve just sent an email to you.

The update from this morning fixes this.

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I’ve just checked it works well. Thank you so much. :smiley: